It amazes me that 50,000,000 people are suffering from loss, grief, and heartache, yet no one has declared an epidemic or state of emergency.

Most people don’t even understand that there are over 42 different potential loss issues to overcome in one’s lifetime!

The inability to recover from such losses can negatively impact our lives and destroy our potential for true and lasting happiness. Incomplete grief is quite possibly one of this country’s greatest health and wellness issues.

But I am here to tell you that recovery is possible, and it is the key
to regaining energy, spontaneity, and overall well-being.

Grief is a huge subject; it is actually an emotion all on its own. It includes so many kinds of losses and experiences that we could talk about it forever. Essentially, grief comes when something or someone you know and love leaves, or when something consistent and familiar ends or changes. With grief, your emotions become non-concordant and confusing.

For example, have you ever ended a relationship that you knew was wrong, yet you missed that person terribly? Have you ever left a job you couldn’t stand and lost your identity along with your paycheck?

Perhaps you lost someone who you loved dearly to a long-suffering illness, and though you knew you would be devastated without them in your life, there was a place in you that was relieved when that person passed? Or maybe you felt guilty for surviving an event that someone you loved did not?

Sometimes grief comes from the loss of shared dreams… I call these “intangibles.” I remember after my mother died, and something would happen that we had talked about sharing or doing together, I found myself reaching for the phone only to remember she was no longer there. I then realized I not only had to say goodbye to my beautiful mother, but also to the dreams we had envisioned together as well.

These non-concordant feelings are not just limited to obvious losses or sad situations. Even on my own wedding day, I was both excited about the future yet sad and scared to leave the life I knew and loved behind. Believe it or not, this too is grief. But I was even more saddened when, a decade later, I walked through the door of my attorneys office to sign the final divorce papers.

Grief is a profound, life altering experience; it is way too vast to cover on one page of a website. Moreover, loss is cumulative throughout our lives, and most of us don’t even realize the loss baggage and woundology we carry with us every day.

The good news is there are real, actionable steps you can take to shine a light on heartaches and losses. We will also do work to help you discover past issues you may not even realize are damaging your life! I promise you that by taking these steps with a strong commitment to honesty and deep work, you can recover and regain a happy and exuberant life.

In my work with you, I’ll teach you the skills to finally move on from the grief holding you back. You’ll learn the techniques and tools that have helped me, along with hundreds of other people I have worked with in my practice, for over a decade.

True healing takes action, not distraction. Though grief is the normal reaction to loss, surrender and sorrow are not productive choices for rebuilding a happy, vibrant, and illuminated life.

Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack, a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen

Yes, everyone has a different story and people deal with loss in their own time, in their own way. Regardless of the source of your pain, you will learn to forgive and let go of the past as well as open your heart to trust, love, happiness, and joy through our work together.

If you’re looking to help a friend or loved one, please consider becoming an Unbreak Your Heart Specialist. You’ll learn to help the people you love get past loss, change, and grief. My 4-day workshops will be starting in 2015.