According to Google, “How To Be Happy” is searched nearly 100,000 times every month?

Perhaps we are all looking in the wrong place. What most people don’t understand is there is a huge difference between positive emotions (“Yes, I’ll have another margarita and massage please… right after I buy this Porsche!”) and real, measurable happiness.

Of course everyone wants to be happy! However, you need to do more than Google it if you’re truly looking for answers. Happiness is a series of real, measurable action steps.


My Positive Psychology professor led the largest class in Harvard’s history! Now why did it become so popular?

Simple… we all want to be happy and the idea that happiness can be taught is incredibly exciting. Wouldn’t you sign up for something that could bring you joy, reduce your stress, and turn you into an every day optimalist?

As the COO (Chief Optimalist Officer) of Life, I can teach you the strategies that will get you out of bed each day with a spring in your step. You’ll learn a set of transformational rituals that allow you to design a day full of happiness boosters with clear goals to move towards. Live life as an optimalist means seeing life as it is: Fluid, changing, and dynamic!


In this workshop, I will take your group through 12 hours of life-changing practices and group community building exercises. This work is evidence based, time tested, and gives you a toolbox of happiness skills you can use over and over again! These are based on the tools and techniques my professor taught in that same class at Harvard!

You will learn how to live and practice the 9 Limbs of Happiness:

It’s fun, educational, and inspirational! Join in the happiness movement and become the COO of your own life!

While this is usually an event for groups, the training can also be taught one-on-one via my YIPP Personal Sessions program.