All of our stories are wild and beautiful… some are dramas, some are comedies. Others are thrillers or adventures, and some are all of the above.

In working with people all around the globe, I have come to discover that though our stories can be profoundly different and remarkably similar, the one common denominator is each of us is our own author. We are the hand that determines our own story. No one else!

For as many people as there are in the world, that is how many stories are being written and re-written everyday! It is up to us to fill the pages of our lives, build the chapters of our hearts and create a happy ending for all of our characters.

Amazing! Inspiring! Magical! Isn’t it?!

Maybe you are dissatisfied with the way your story is going right now. Perhaps you’re relatively happy, or even very happy and successful, but feel restless knowing you aren’t fulfilling your potential and living your greatest life. You could be in transition, confused, or lost, and trying to find the next path to take.

You may even be in pain and out of touch with your job, purpose, and relationships, needing antidepressants to get through the day, and distracting yourself from the sadness of not going after your goals and dreams.

No matter what your circumstances are, it’s as if your story has led you to the middle of a dark forest, leaving you searching for the path to get out.

Getting back on the path that is right for you requires shining a light to cut through the darkness, helping you to see clearly what it is you need to do to get where you want to go. Let’s shine a light so you can pick up your pen and start being the creator of your own story again!

It doesn’t matter if you know where the path will take you or if you are creating and writing as you go. The only important thing right now is knowing that the quest is ON!


WE are the authors of our stories. WE get to choose where to go, when to go, and who we take along with us!

You might be in that forest right now, but at any moment you have the power to change everything! Write your own plot twist; one that will surprise you and the world around you. Choose to turn on a light, open the map, and reach for a guide!


Though your story is wholly yours to author, my job as a guide is to work with you to illuminate every area of your life. I’ll help lead you to a future that starts with self-knowledge and ends with self-fulfillment and meaning.

I’ve helped clients with professional goals ranging from switching to a new career, launching their own business, going back to school, and even writing and publishing their own best-selling books.

Some clients with more personal goals have worked with me to navigate new relationships, deal with getting through a divorce, and recover from the loss of loved ones and continue with their lives. Others needed guidance restructuring their financial relationships to build an abundant future. And there are also those clients who have cleared their paths and started down the road to fresh love and a new family.

But one thing’s for sure – no matter what their story was, they always found their way out of the woods.

Though in many cases, the goals are more based on quality of life. I’ve helped many clients achieve better work/life balance, get past feeling overwhelmed, reduce their stress, stick to their diet and fitness commitments, and have a better relationship with money.

And if you are in the deepest, darkest part of the forest and have no idea what it is you’re looking for or what direction to take, that’s perfect too! The options are endless for you and all you need is a basic desire to explore different choices and build a life you have yet to imagine!

No matter what the case may be, we’ll work together to create a safe, judgment-free environment where brainstorming and examining all possibilities is an act of endless inspiration. You’ll move past spending time wrestling with self-doubt and self-defeating thoughts, and instead focus on building resilience and great self-esteem. We’ll develop a relationship where ideas and dreams can flow and real, measurable change can occur.

As we work together, we’ll co-create a plan that works. You’ll be given the techniques and transformational tools to help you build the life you are meant to be living and celebrating. All you need to bring along is a commitment to stay on the path to a successful, authentic, and happy well lit life!


In the simplest terms, I help people live a Well Lit Life – one that’s brighter because it is lived mindfully, purposefully, and driven by self-inspired motivation.

All of my work is rooted in evidence-based techniques, scientifically proven whole health practices, a touch of intuition, as well as my own first hand experience.

My clients have gone on to become multi-millionaires, published authors, college professors, spiritual leaders, and inventors.

In their personal lives, they have become their own best version of being spouses, parents, friends, and all around are happy, healthy people living a life of mastery and well-being.


The aim of WLL coaching is to help people clear old beliefs and patterns so they can take action towards more decisive and authentically aligned goals. WLL Coaching moves clients towards achieving what they want from life.

I specialize in several areas, including relationships (both present and past), stress reduction and meditation, personal growth, nutrition, career changes, motivation, financial clarity and future prosperity, creativity, and health.

The success or failure of WLL Coaching truly depends on making sure I am the right coach for you and you are the right client for me. If the fit is right, I can help assist you in finding clarity around what you want out of life and how to get it.

Due to my traveling and speaking engagements, I keep my private practice boutique. The work I do with my clients is very hands-on, so spaces are limited. If you feel inspired to work with me, please contact me today to check availability.

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Though I have enjoyed an amazing life and career, breaking down barriers and attaining the same types of goals so many of my clients are looking to reach, I’ve also been deep down in the trenches, facing and overcoming unimaginable tragedies, challenges, and tough odds.

To get through it all, I’ve researched, explored, and activated the most powerful evidence-based studies and techniques available.

When we work together, I won’t be advising you based on theory. Instead, my guidance comes from actual real life experience of going through it all while putting into practice my decades of study.

Discovering and walking my own path has led me to being uniquely empowered to help you shine a light on all the different areas of your life so that you can make meaningful, lasting changes happen.


Many people become distracted by everyday living and never make the necessary changes to create their best life. The benefit of having me by your side is that I will stay with you every step of the way, until effective changes are made, your goals are met, and your dreams come true.

No matter what the end result you are looking to achieve, I’ll whip up the perfect recipe by mixing positive psychology, Gestalt coaching, grief and loss recovery, nutrition, behavioral finance and entrepreneurship tools, and whole life practices to address your specific needs.

Everyone can benefit from working with a coach. The end result is you will achieve your goals faster than if you tried to reach them alone and wind up elevating your life to where the world you create on the outside is perfectly aligned with the dream you have of yourself on the inside.

So come on and tell me your story, it’s what inspires me! WLLCOME!