Middlestage is the time to fall in love again… with yourself, with your life, or with anyone you damn well please!

I love my life and I absolutely love working with women… especially those of us in middlestage!! I have a deep passion for helping my global sisters achieve a life of Faith, Forgiveness, Financial Freedom, Food and Fitness, Family, Friendship, Fortitude, Fun, and Freedom! All the things I affectionately refer to as THE F-ABLES!

Once we master these and wake up to our lives… the sky is the limit and we become unstoppable!


Around the age of fifty, most women begin to break free from cultural ideals.

They have a deep inner calling to become their own person. They naturally begin to become less defined by others and more by their own choices and actions.

Midlife is a time rich with potential for both personal and professional growth. It is a time where women begin to ask themselves, “What is left to accomplish… discover… and give?”


Until I hit it, 50 scared the F out of me!!! Many things changed when I floated into middlestage.

But I was fortunate to have so much experience and knowledge under my belt that this phase has become one of the most exciting, and also rewarding, times in my life.

We have earned ALL of the beauty and patina we wear, not only on our faces, but also in our hearts. There is no better time to celebrate than now!


By teaching you evidence-based tools and techniques developed from proven studies in positive psychology, nutrition, fitness, spiritual sciences, behavioral finance, entrepreneurship, as well  as loss and grief recovery practices, you will learn to take the best possible care of your mind, body, heart, soul, and of course, your bank account… a.k.a. pocket book!

During our work together, you will gain the confidence and knowledge you need to move joyfully and enthusiastically into the next phase of your life… the most fulfilling and enriching act of all!

We’ll work together on topics covering all the F-ABLES: Faith, Forgiveness, Finance, Food, Fitness, Family, Freedom, Friendship, Fashion, Failure, Future goals, Fortitude, Fun, and much, much more!

Middlestage can be the happiest, brightest, and most rewarding part of our lives. Together we will design the brightest future you could ever imagine creating. After all… middlestage is where the light shines brightest!

So let’s start inspiring 20 year olds, and stop trying to be one!

Be everything you are right now without fear or reservation. Let the beautiful young souls that will follow in our footsteps look up to us and be elevated by our passion for life.

Women of all ages are a choir of the most beautiful voices. A woman’s spirit is limitless and timeless. But it is our work to stay healthy and vibrant, as well as physically and financially fit. I will work with you in all areas of body, mind, spirit, and lifestyle. You’ll be F-Able @ Finance, F-Able @ Fitness, and generally F-Able @ Life!


When I was a child, there was a public service announcement that came on at 11PM every weekend night.

The color bars would come over the screen and a voice would say, “It’s 11 o’clock, do  you know where your children are?” Coming from a family of 6 kids, my parents would yell our names and we would be there for the roll call!

I am asking you to do a roll call for your money now.

At this stage in life, it is time to stop worrying so much about our asses and start worrying more about our assets. I work with women to understand their money behavior, habits, and to bring awareness around the critical issues surrounding money at middlestage. I guide you into creating a financially abundant future.

Most women bury their head in the sand when it comes to the issues surrounding money. I deal with highly successful professional women, freelancers, artists, authors, doctors, even company controllers who cannot face money when it happens to be their own. I help women understand their relationship to money, or should I say their money avoidance, so they can be F-Able @ Finance.

Believe me, I have been in the money trenches and I know first hand how scary it is! But the answer is not in hiding the issue… it’s in lighting the issue. Please let me help you build a life of financial freedom.

I am not a money manager or investor, nor am I a financial planner. My focus working with you will be within the context of behavior, beliefs, and structure, to guide you towards a healthy and abundant relationship with money and wealth. Becoming financially fit is as critical as becoming physically fit at this stage of life.


What if you could pick any day in the calendar to feel amazing and look absolutely radiant?!

Wouldn’t it be a blessing to never stress about what to eat & what not to eat? How would it feel to be able to get dressed every morning and feel like you fit in your own skin and jeans, excited to take on the day?

If you are done with feeling tired and living an unbalanced life? Are you ready to commit to a new journey to achieve optimal wellness with The F-able @ 50 Challenge?

Starting in October, Well Lit Life will be hosting the F-able @ 50 Challenge! It’s time to get F-Able @ Fitness, ladies! This program is limited to 20 participants who will be supported during a personalized program for success! It includes all nutritional products for the 30 days, personal support and encouragement from me, a number of educational resources exclusive to the F-able @ 50 Challenge, and the end result is a more radiant, energized, and healthier you for life!

Highly recommended by Oprah Regular and best-selling author, Dr. Christiane Northrup, this educational wellness program focuses everything from nutrition to fitness. We’ll handle stress reduction and overcoming emotional eating, and start making your health a priority, a lifestyle, and a commitment.