Everything I do is customized for your specific needs. This is not an off the rack, one-life-fits-all shop.

I listen, learn, and light to guide you to the greatest, most fulfilling life that is tailor-made for you.

We can work in just one of the following ways, or we can combine them all! It’s up to both of us to build what works for you. We are here to create your most brilliant life! So let’s get started.

My lifestyle work combines nutrition, supplementation, and whole life & health practices such as gratitude, breath work, yoga, movement, meditation, positive psychology techniques, forgiveness, entrepreneurship, and financial stability & freedom.

This work is an all-encompassing approach for people who want to elevate their life to the next level and really find clarity in order to live an extraordinary life.

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Do you want to move on, let go, or forgive? Do you want to gain clarity and recover from loss, change, or grief?

Do you want to release the past so you can welcome the future? Are you ready to learn how to open your heart again and love more deeply than ever?

If any of those stir some emotion inside of you, then this is the work for you. It saved my life and turned me into the happiest person I know! You can find more about that on the About page.

This work is deep, courageous, and profoundly life changing. Many of my clients start here and then move onto my other coaching practices. This work is a game changer for anyone!

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YIPP Yoga Inspired Positive Psychology® is great to bring everyday positivity practices into your life or tribe! This work is a combination of yoga, meditation, breath work, and what I call the “Nine Limbs of Happiness.”

The work is fun, habit forming, life changing, and easy to share. While the YIPP program is mostly for groups, the work can be done individually as well.

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Lighting middlestage is the work I do with women 50 and older. This work encompasses Faith, Forgiveness, Fitness & Food, Finances, Future Goals, Fortitude, Follow Through, Fun, and all around FABULOUSNESS!

I take my ladies through the past and into the present to plan an unstoppable future. This is the age where women can have it all. They just have to learn where to look.

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We are a community without walls… Our events go where you need us to be and cover topics that span all aspects of illumination, transformation, spirituality, health, wellness, positive psychology, and personal growth & development.

Our team creates and produces programs, events, and projects aligned with the very real purpose of changing the world and elevating peoples’ lives globally. Contact us if you want to host one of our programs or have us help you create a custom made seminar for your group or business.

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Though most of the work I do daily is one-on-one, I also love working with groups and I do so globally several times a year.

You can book me personally for speaking events or group programs, as well as hire my team to create and produce events custom made for you. I also work as a writer and have been featured in numerous national publications.

If none of the above options seemed to fit just perfectly, contact me directly to find out how we can work together.

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