Wllcome To My Home!

Wllcome To My Home!

I suppose for some, the creation of a website is a business endeavor. However, for me it feels like the first time I ever held a dinner party for my closest most beloved friends. I desperately wanted things to be perfect. The table settings, the flowers, the ambiance and the love; In other words it was deeply personal and each detail was filled with my heart, soul and devotion.

You see, the work I do is deep, and intimate and the people who I have the honor of working with are devoted to opening their hearts and lives to me, I feel it only fair I do the same.

I want you to know why I do what I do, how it feeds every part of me and my days, when I made the choice to change my life and move in the direction of serving others, and where I want to travel with you on this well lit path we will take together.

I am profoundly grateful that you’ve decided to stop by and I want to give you a proper introduction to what I offer, as one would do when welcoming you at the door of their home. Perhaps they might give you a tour so you would know what to expect and where to find things in case you need them. Or perhaps one might create an atmosphere that would make known authentically the simple sentiment of “my home is your home.”

When creating my site, Chris Gaskill my truly gifted web-designer, and I decided to make this more like a storybook than a brochure. We want you to take your time on your visit here, make yourself at home, discover every room and come back time and time again knowing you will find something uplifting and nourishing.

Melanie Smith WLL is my home, my life, my story and my offering. I am excited beyond words to open the doors to you and welcome you in. Whatever you need…don’t hesitate to ask. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the gathering of friends with common minds and loving hearts. Come on in, relax and together let’s share the light. For my home is your home….always.

We make choices everyday, let’s make them together in the light…Live WLL and flourish!




  1. Hi Melanie… look forward to being in one of your classes or retreats.
    I love yoga!
    Thank you

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