Wealth is so much bigger than money… so much bigger in fact that I often wonder if the two are even related! I’m kidding of course, but you know what I am trying to say.

Wealth is a practice, a mindset, a skill, and an understanding. It is a mirror for your beliefs and a reflection of how you think.

Money on the other hand is the vehicle to wealthy living, but it is not the driver. You are!

Most people live inside a belief that money is the answer to all of their stress. “If only I had more money, all my problems would be solved!”

However, the truth is that one of the biggest and scariest issues in our culture today is not an inability to earn more money, but rather an inability to effectively manage the money we do have.

Building what I call financial survivability, or better yet financial thrivability, is not a skill most Americans have. Financial literacy is vastly absent in our culture because it is not in our schools or at our dinner tables. We are simply not taught how to think or feel about money!

The end result of this? Our financial illiteracy paves the way for constant financial struggles.

You see, money does not solve problems; financial intelligence does. But for most people, staying smart when dealing with money is a tremendous challenge.

Our emotions and biases tend to shut down the thought process required to manage money well, which in turn drives the fears that control our money choices and decisions. When our money decisions are based on emotions instead of rational thought, they can wreak havoc on our lives and financial future.

High emotions create low intelligence when it comes to wealth. Money simply accentuates our beliefs and patterns, whereas intelligence helps us to break the cycle and recreate those beliefs into having a healthy relationship with money.


I come from a conservative family and traditional money belief patterns. I also spent some very real time in the money trenches throughout my life, so learning about money and wealth came the hard way for me.

My father, although a small business owner himself, would teach us from the “old school rules” of money. He would say, “Work hard, get good grades, and get a good job with benefits!”

I used to joke, “If I became the first woman President, the main question my father would ask me would be ‘What’s the benefit package and is there a pension plan?!'”


Investigating what you believe and how you feel about money is the first step to learning how to control it instead of it controlling you. The psychology around money is a brilliantly fascinating topic and one everyone in search of a successful and abundant life should discover.

The work I do deals with overall shifts in your financial aptitude, not in financial advising. You must understand the psychology around money if you want lifelong financial success.

Your beliefs are literally the difference between trying and flying! Unless you change your deeper relationship to money, no matter how badly you want to soar, you will never get off the ground. After all, no one can sustain a life of financial freedom unless they first believe they deserve to be free!

Through one-on-one coaching, I’ve helped many clients with their financial literacy and relationship with money. We delve deep into your story, patterns, and beliefs around money, and discuss key behavioral finance concepts such as Anchoring, Mental Accounting, Herd Behavior, and more.

We’ll also get into the differences between making and managing money, start walking the path to where you are buying assets instead of collecting liabilities, grow richer from sources outside your own physical labor, and get you thinking like an employer instead of an employee (even if you don’t own a business!)

I will also work on your understanding around the energy of money. We’ll discuss your cash courage and cash karma, and you’ll come to enthusiastically embrace your relationship with the spiritual side of money as well.

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Maybe you already have a great relationship with money. You may be looking for new opportunities to start down the road to success and financial freedom, or add to the success you’ve already found.

While coaching can certainly help you on your way to achieving new professional or financial goals, you may also be interested in my Inner Wealth Club. Much like Well Lit Life itself, the Inner Wealth Club focuses on health, wellness, success, and community.

You won’t be selling your soul, you’ll be selling with soul. Your time and life will be shared with like-minded, inspiring people. And you’ll get the chance to share products that you not only use and love, but can truly benefit the health and wellness of others.

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