Giving and receiving love is absolutely the main reason we are here on this planet in this lifetime.

If you don’t agree, there are millions of studies that prove, without a doubt, that people who love and are loved in return are healthier, happier, smarter, more creative, and live a heck of a lot longer.

Studies are also proving that loneliness is contagious and happiness that is shared is far more powerful. But one only needs to feel love to know that my above statement is unquestionably true.

No, I am not talking about romantic love (even though that is super yummy!). I am talking about love in a much greater sense of the word and feeling.

Loving our friends, family, community, peers, pets, the G-D of our own understanding, and, lest we forget, ourselves, is really where I’m headed. The more we share our lives and gifts with each other, the more we shine. The more we shine, the more we illuminate the world around us.

So… here is the secret key hidden under the mat at the door of your heart… forgiveness! It’s as simple as that. Ok, not so simple, but absolutely doable! A heart that learns the profoundly necessary skill of forgiveness, and opens itself up to love again, is one that experiences a life beyond measure.

Begin To Unbreak Your Heart

All the negative beliefs that we carry, the ones that control and limit our lives, start with a broken heart. From a very young age, the experiences of loss, heartache, and disappointments begin.

Sometimes these heartaches are undetectable to the world around us when they occur, but they can have everything to do with how our lives are shaped and lived today.

Most of the time the choices we make in the present are subconsciously trying to remedy hurts and fears that occurred in the past. Shining a light on these unresolved, sometimes undiscovered heartaches, and learning to complete and forgive them, is a remarkable act in un-cluttering a heart and preparing it for deep, healing love to move in!

You see, love comes from a real sense of belonging, not from rewarded behavior. Too often we project our own inability to love fully onto someone else’s inability to be who we want them to be.

This kind of love comes from past patterning, heartaches, and stories. If we forgive the past, re-story, and move forward carrying a true sense of belonging along with a true expression of love for ourselves, and others, our lives change immediately and exponentially.

Teaching the skills of forgiveness and completion, and moving people towards deep, unconditional love is quite honestly the purest light in my life. I absolutely love talking about and working with love! Especially knowing how beautifully broken we all are and how magical the work of “unbreaking” a heart can be.

I am so blessed to do what I do everyday. Why? Because I get to LOVE! Constantly!

Let’s start working together! I can’t wait to shine a light on your big beautiful heart!

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