Lifestyle is not what you say; it’s who you are. It’s the choices you make when no one is around and the actions you take when everyone is watching.

Lifestyle encompasses everything, from values to valuables. Lifestyle is actually what creates life outcome. It is your personal signature on the contract between you and your world.

When we work together, I will break lifestyle up into categories so that we can take a look together at how balanced your life is.


If the way we do one thing is the way we do everything, food and fitness are a dead giveaway for the things that are working or not working in your life.

Together we will discover how “you are what you eat and do.” What’s in your kitchen and how you move your body contribute greatly to your effectiveness in everything you do. Cleaning up your kitchen is cleaning up your life.

We will also work on increasing your health from a cellular level to ensure your energy and enthusiasm for life is at its peak!


Does your home support your physical, mental, and financial health? Organizing, un-cluttering, and beautifying your home makes all the difference in your home life and your work performance.

Also, learning to understand prompts and primers that develop and support best life practices and follow through are critical. This one piece alone can change EVERYTHING!


Who do you love, how do you love, and do you know how to receive the love that is given in return? Where do you spend your time and does it feed your soul and purpose?

This seems like a no-brainer. However, this category always brings up BIG surprises.

Forgiving the past to be in the present and clearing old stories is the secret to deep and fulfilling intimate relationships in the future. Deep work equals great relationships. I love this part of my work and I love you for having the courage to do it!


What do you believe in and what are your natural gifts? How do the answers to these questions fit together to create a life that is tailor-made for you?

Mastering these categories can be the key to a life of great success and sustainable joy. We will investigate what is under the surface and if your life is in alignment with who you really are at your core.

You will learn to see the skills and natural gifts that you were born with as assets and tools to create a life you love!


Discovering what holds great meaning in your life outside yourself is critical. Most people think that the key to inner happiness and peace is found in thinking more of “yourself” or establishing a higher opinion of who you are.

I am not saying self respect and self esteem are not critical to our competency in the world, but actual studies have proven that people who think more of others and less about themselves, while having faith in something greater, are far happier, healthier, and live longer lives.

In this part of our work, we will develop simple practices around gratitude, positivity, breath work, meditation, visualization, and the art of giving back.


Do you want to make a career change? Does your work bring you joy? Do you feel financially trapped in your personal life?

Are you stressed about money? Will the money you earn today support you tomorrow?

Sometimes people miss their greatest life because of old belief patterns or inherited stories. Let’s ferret out your best life and purpose, and clear away old information that no longer serves you.

We will also take the temperature of your money habits and making you accountable, so you are better prepared for a life of financial freedom and prosperity.


Learn. Read. Study. Teach.

Just because you are out of school doesn’t mean you should ever stop learning. Lifelong study is one of the greatest gifts and commitments you could give to yourself and the people around you.

Studies have shown that people who adopt lifelong study habits have healthier relationships and remain deeply inspired by their lives. Perhaps all of the above categories are a start to your studies and wisdom base, but the topics you can study are endless. They are the real soul food.

You will never regret learning, growing, and giving back. This is the true definition of self-development and personal growth. We will discover not only things to study that you feel passionate about, but how they can contribute to your life, work, and relationships.

Lifestyle is everything! It is the decisions we make every minute of every day, and the dreams we have every night. It is the way we love, play, work, move, eat, laugh, and cry. It is the crowd we hang with and the tribe we lead.

It is the stories we tell ourselves, and the ones we have forgotten or yet to learn. Lifestyle is every breath we take, every beat of our heart, and every hand we hold along the way. Lifestyle is our mission, our legacy, and the signature we leave on the story of our life.

Make a commitment, grab a pen, and sign your lifestyle away!

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