The time to start living a mission driven life has come! It’s time to find out who you are, absent of past stories, identities, and patterns, and feel exactly how you’ve always imagined you could feel, be the person you’ve always dreamed you could be, and live a life of passion, purpose, and well being… NOW.

WLL is for people who are ready to take on the life that belongs specifically to them, without fear of change or challenge. It’s for people who are excited to contribute to a world desperately in need of their unique gifts. Yes, every one of us has them! It is for people who are not only committed to changing their own life, but the lives of the people around them. The world needs more people living a Well Lit Life!

  • Melanie’s purpose is to bring love mainstream.

    Panache Desai
    Panache Desai
    Author of "Discovering Your Soul Signature" and named one of this decade's thought leaders by Oprah

The three cornerstones of a Well Lit Life are Wealth, Love, and Lifestyle. At WLL, we use a holistic approach to living a life of abundance, purpose, health and balance. By offering knowledge, services, products, and resources, we elevate, illuminate, and inspire each of these three areas of your life. Our purpose is to teach people how to live a Well Lit Life, a Well Lived Life, and most profoundly, a Well Loved Life.

WLL is the culmination of Melanie Smith’s years of hard-earned expertise and rigorous study in the fields of positive psychology, gestalt based life coaching, change, loss, and grief recovery, nutrition, spiritual sciences and practices, entrepreneurship, and behavioral finance. Her mission is to help you live the happiest, most whole-hearted life imaginable. What brightens her life? Helping YOU SHINE!!!

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Let’s get started! Where should we shine the light first?

Let’s talk about values, not valuables. True wealth is about balancing your budget to support your life.

Shine a light on relationships. Heal your past. Ignite your soul. Love wholeheartedly.

Look and feel great as your mind, body, and soul align to balance your life and your world.