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    Are you ready to stop wishing you had the life that was meant for you and start lighting the life you truly desire? By using evidence-based, scientifically proven techniques, illuminated with a BIG dash of soul, I will get you out of the dark for good and help you light the path towards a life of deep love, complete health, and financial freedom.

    Let’s get started! Where should we shine the light first?

    Let’s talk about values, not valuables. True wealth is about balancing your budget to support your life.

    Shine a light on relationships. Heal your past. Ignite your soul. Love wholeheartedly.

    Look and feel great as your mind, body, and soul align to balance your life and your world.


    There is one question I want you to ask yourself right now: Do you want to wish or succeed?

    Well Lit Life is about becoming the person you’ve always known you could be, and feeling the way you’ve always known you could feel. It is about living a life of passion, purpose, and total well-being. It’s about letting who you really are shine through the fog of who you thought you had to be. It is about finding the true gifts that will light up your world.

    If you already know what those gifts are, that’s amazing! Let’s take action now and create your WLL Well Lit Life!

    If you’re struggling to find them, no worries, because I have a searchlight that will take you from where you are to where you want to be!

    There is only one rule: You must be committed to your success! No wishing allowed!

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    • Melanie’s insight, intuition, intelligence and cut to the core essence of who you are, is an amazing gift that will simply blow your mind. In less than an hour! There is no better life coach I have come across in 30 years of traveling the world…

      Eric Yaverbaum
      Eric Yaverbaum
      New York Times Best-Selling Author of six books, including "Leadership Secrets of the World's Most Successful CEO's"

    • Melanie’s work with people is invaluable… Her skillful use of the principles of positive psychology and its evidence based practices combined with her deep compassion and intuition makes her impact on people truly unique. She is a bright light in the lives of many.

      Tal Ben-Shahar
      Tal Ben-Shahar
      Harvard Professor, Author of International Best Sellers "Happier" and "Being Happy"

    I've been a personal growth expert, life coach, loss and grief recovery
    specialist, and decision architect for over a decade. The best part
    about it is that I'm still amazed and inspired by what I do every single
    day: helping people find clarity, forgiveness, well-being, and joy.

    My philosophy and brand, WLL Well Lit Life, is about lighting your path
    through a holistic approach. It is the culmination of years of study,
    research, and my own experience to help you nourish your body,
    feed your mind, and heal your soul.

    My method succeeds because together we uncover your deepest
    dreams and meaningful ambitions, and then turn them into
    everyday realities through measurable change and accomplishment.

    My dream is to see you lead your own Well Lit Life. I can't wait to
    take the journey with you.

    • Melanie has shown me how her joy for life and love of people is the true yoga.

      Cindy Crawford
      Cindy Crawford
      Supermodel, Entrepreneur, and Mom

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