Welcome to the Inner Health Club, the place to be to learn how to take care of yourself and the people you love, starting from the inside out. A clear mind, an energized body, and a healthy heart are essential for anyone who desires a brilliant and vibrant life!

Join the club and you will be supported on your journey to a better diet, a more active lifestyle and an inner health regime. My work starts at the cellular level, so your outer appearance shines!

As a member of The Inner Health Club, you will receive “IHC” tips on health, nutrition, and better living. You will also receive full, monthly supplies of your morning and evening multivitamin and supplement protocol that will be the building blocks to better health today and for your future.

These supplements are all pharmaceutical-grade, an even higher standard than organic, and are scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages. They are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. The supplements we use are rated #1 in North America by 3rd party studies and tested by Consumer Labs.


What if you could pick any day in the calendar to feel amazing and look absolutely radiant?!

Wouldn’t it be a blessing to never stress about what to eat & what not to eat? How would it feel to be able to get dressed every morning and feel like you fit in your own skin and jeans, excited to take on the day?

If you are done with feeling tired and living an unbalanced life, and are ready to commit to achieving optimal health & wellness, as well as finally dropping those extra pounds that are weighing you down…


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Going to the spa elicits thoughts and feelings of relaxation, pampering, and tranquility. With Sensé skin care line, you can make those thoughts, and feelings a reality by bringing the spa home! Imagine having the benefits of a spa right at your fingertips…everyday!

Sense products are all natural, paraben free, and focus primarily on the cellular health of the skin. Sensé uses the newest patented technologies available to create products that are both effective and safe.

The skin is the body’s largest organ and absorbs the healthy and unhealthy substances that are applied to it. That’s why along with added trace minerals that encourage healthy cells, Sensé products contain powerful ingredients that are clinically proven to nourish, revive, and refine the skin as they help defend against free radicals and oxidative stress.

You’ll experience optimal results by following the Sensé ultimate regimen. And the products are so luxurious and revitalizing, they make everyday a day at the spa!

You will also have me to recommend health regimes specifically tailored for you at no extra charge!

So like I asked before… who doesn’t want to look and feel their best or have a personal coach to guide them along the way?!

Contact me now to get started!

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If you could join a club that would make you rich, happy, healthy, and free… would you do it?

In my opinion, you know that you have achieved life mastery when someone looking in on your life could not tell the difference between when you are working and when you are playing. That is my definition of an ideal life.

What does being rich mean anyway? For me, it means a balance of life and bank account combined with the freedom to make the decisions that inspire you, your mission, and your community. Values and valuables together on the road to riches in my book! But it’s hard to make a difference if you cannot make the rent.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “No one would remember the Good Samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.” Point well taken, right?

Though money can’t buy you happiness, lack of it can make happiness impossible, and that is a proven fact! Happiness is increased by freedom and meaning, and health is increased by happiness and wellness. Imagine all of them wrapped up into one!

Doesn’t this sound like an amazing life model?

Imagine dictating your own work hours.

Be of service to others with joy and gratitude.

Create relationships you love.

Spend your time and life with like-minded inspiring people.

No paper work! (Except for getting a check out of your mailbox!)

Talking about health, wellness, success, and community.

Sharing products that you love, use, and are completely energized by.

Never worrying about money again.


Most of the people in my life that are truly wealthy have some sort of residual income. Yes, that is the same type of income you receive as a movie or television star (I still get money from jobs I did over 20 years ago!)

I’ll teach you how to create that kind of income no matter what walk of life, experience, or level of education you come from.

So if you have a burning desire for change, and you want me to teach you the steps towards financial freedom while taking charge of your health and life, THIS IS THE CLUB FOR YOU! I will guide you through the process of creating a business that allows you to live a life you love. We will work together with a turnkey, proven business model that creates residual income AND increases health from the cellular level.

Join me along with an impressive community of devoted, uplifting, and endlessly energized entrepreneurs that are changing the future of people just like you and me! Let’s call them the WLLpreneurs! A fabulous group of people with radiant spirits, passionate drive, and the freedom to enjoy it! Truly Well Lit Living!


Don’t you LOVE sharing information about products and services you believe in – especially with people who actually have a need for them? Wouldn’t it be amazing to take your natural ability to share and turn it into residual income? Making profits while making others lives better, in more ways that one, is what I call true wealth creation!

By building lifelong, meaningful relationships and working with an amazing team of people that are redefining the sales/service model, we are changing the face of business. This is the only business model where someone else has a financial stake in your success and by helping each other… everyone wins! I have a stake in your greatness, and you have one in mine!

It is also a business model that does not care what gender, age, race, or level of education you represent. It’s simple: you work hard… you earn big! You help others… you grow faster!

This is also the perfect personal growth model. You will not only learn how to build a successful business, you will also learn speaking, sales, and the communication skills needed to succeed anywhere in life. You will develop the ability to market yourself and your business, organize your life and priorities, and double your productivity. Not to mention, you’ll have access to some of the most gifted entrepreneurs in the business world!

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. If you don’t want to work hard, don’t enjoy working with other people, or have no interest in health and wellness, then the IWC is not for you. The same goes if you aren’t interested in being an entrepreneur, and want to work for other people instead of being in business for yourself.

But if you have the courage to step outside your comfort zone, and take actionable steps to create your dream life, then the Inner Wealth Club is a great fit. This is especially true if you are a health and wellness practitioner, yoga teacher, life coach, or work in the spiritual community. If you’re not afraid of work and are ready to be happy and successful from the inside out, then get in touch with me.

I only take on a few new associates each year, so please apply ASAP if your intuition is screaming “YES!” and you feel enthusiastic about this opportunity!

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What is network marketing/direct sales?

Direct sales is simply word of mouth selling where a manufacturer creates a product and pays the consumer instead of advertisers to spread the word. This business model is the future of successful and ethical business. This is not simply my opinion; it is that of some of the greatest investors and economists in the world!

What if I don’t like sales?

In theory, no one likes sales. But in action, everyone likes educating, helping, and talking about the things they love and products that have changed their lives! This does require sales, but in a whole new light! Remember, ALL successful people sell; there is no way around it!

How much time does this take out of my week?

You will need 4-9 hours a week to have rapid success in this business.

How much does it cost to join The IWC?

The training and mentorship are free! However, there is a cost to starting your business with our product partner. The minimum cost is $400.00 to $700.00 to get started in your business and a maximum of approximately $2500.00 throughout the year. This all depends on which start up package you use. Within that investment you will receive amazing products and services.

What tools will I receive from the IWC?

You will receive the best health and beauty products on the market. These products are not only used and recommended by top health experts, they are also the only product 600+ competitive and Olympic athletes use. You'll also get business-building group calls with me and other leaders in The Inner Wealth Club, as well as all the steps needed to grow your business into its fullest, seven-digit earning potential. You will have access to other leaders in our industry who will share their strategies on how they built their own highly successful businesses, along with the best business and personal development books and tools that help you think, act, and most importantly feel like an entrepreneur.

What will I learn from the IWC?

In the IWC you will learn:

  • Proven strategies and techniques that will create success and make building a business fun.
  • How to prevent degenerative and chronic disease for yourself and others.
  • To jump out of bed in the morning with a spring in your step and a purpose that makes your heart sing.
  • To help others in a systemized way that anyone can duplicate.
  • To believe in yourself and your future.
  • To think about money and abundance in a whole new light.
  • Start looking at yourself as a business owner and a game changer.
  • A new way of eating that will keep you healthy, focused, and trim.

Who is the Inner Wealth Club for?

This Club is a mission driven club for people who want to be a part of something greater. The IWC is a team of committed people creating a new future for both men and women driven towards a life of health, purpose, and prosperity! I will teach you to "sell with soul" instead of "sell your soul," and your paycheck will be your spiritual report card!


Let’s start working together.

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